Yes, the whole thing was illegal and the bureaucrats involved had no idea what they were doing

We’ve talked about the illogic of the locksdowns and business closures.

We’ve talked about the absurd Science 101 mistakes made by news media “experts” to justify the unjustifiable.

Now after hearing the testimony of Pennsylvania bureaucrats under oath – …

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The 9/11 heroes you never heard about

On September 11, 2001, with all the bridges, tunnels, roads and public transportation closed, hundreds of thousands of people found themselves stranded on Manhattan with no way to get off the island and back to their homes.

Who rescued …

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Game over


It’s late August.

We’re five plus months into an enforced shutdown of economic, social, religious and even medical activity that has rained suffering (in some cases premature death) down on countless hundreds of millions, even billions, of people.

Suicides …

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