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Survival in spite of the government

Video: Business survival against all odds

You have to laugh every time a politician gets on TV and talks about how much he or she is doing for small business. The reality is there is no more destructive or …

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The Good Doctors

There are good doctors.

They are rare.

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So what’s going on?

Why is a safe, inexpensive, effective remedy for CoVid being suppressed in the United States?

The answer to this question is the serious and …

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“Not a single thing the authorities said was true.”

Google/YouTube removed this video.

People, including me, who’ve shared similar information have had their Twitter accounts frozen.

I recommend you invest the time and watch it.

It’s a summary of the findings of a group of professors from …

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Science Saturday

Last weekend, hundreds of thousands people came out in cities across Australia, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, Israel, Spain, Portugal, and in other countries to protest the lockdowns.

Did you hear about this on the TV news?…

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