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Two years late, but better late than never

You can watch the entire video here: Seach for “The Real CoVid Global Summit”

The science is in.

The early fatality rate projections were a fraud.

Mask-wearing as a safety measure was a fraud.

The deliberate blocking of …

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Thank to the Canadians for shaking things loose (Lorne Michaels is a Canadian)

Google/YouTube doesn’t want you to see this but somehow it made it onto network TV.

The 100-foot steel wall of lies and censorship is starting to shake.

First, the Robert F. Kennedy Jr. book exposing Fauci’s frauds, which recently …

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The courageous women of Canada

The criminal government in Canada is calling its citizens racists, misogynists, Nazis, and terrorists in preparation for an attempt to  crush their legitimate resistance to a genuine tyranny of madness and non-stop government abuse.

The Canadians are fighting for …

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