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I’ve been speaking and writing about and doing business online since 1993.

Here’s where I talk about everything else with some business advice thrown in from time to time for good measure.

If you want to know how useful this …

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An Financial Independence Day Blueprint role model


I admit it.

I don’t watch much football.

I played basketball and if I’m going to watch a game, that’s what I’m going to watch.

In spite of my disinterest I’ve found an NFL player to admire.

His name is …

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A 350 year old marketing lesson you can enjoy with your kids

Entertaining is not the same thing as selling.

However, good entertainers have mastered two of the key arts of selling: getting and holding attention.

No show does this better than a good old fashioned “Punch and Judy” Show.

How do …

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November election prediction – 100% guaranteed


Toxic sludge is good for you – and it comes in two flavors


They say if you don’t want to make enemies don’t discuss politics (or speak the truth), but every rule is made to be broken…

You don’t …

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A mom in Iran gets her daughters ice cream

The theory is that the Internet connects the world.

Sometimes it does, but mostly it’s just more of the same: baby pictures, cute kittens, last night’s party, pop star gossip etc. …

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Bob Lenney: Bringing water to the fire


A 9/11 hero who refused to let himself be called that…

Bob Lenney was the skipper of the Fire Department of New York fireboat the John J. Harvey.

To fully appreciate what this means, I have to tell a few …

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One of the good guys: Honoring the memory of Fred Catona


Tomorrow is not promised…”

Never are these words so poignant as when a good man in the prime of his life is struck down unexpectedly.

You may or may not recognize Fred’s name, but I guarantee you know at …

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