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I’ve been speaking and writing about and doing business online since 1993.

Here’s where I talk about everything else with some business advice thrown in from time to time for good measure.

If you want to know how useful this …

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If you really know advertising history, you know this ad.

It was run by then up-and-coming ad agency – now a global giant – Young & Rubicam in 1930, 84 years ago.

Young and Rubicam was the ad agency young …

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Billion dollar babies

You may not aspire to build a billion dollar company, but you can learn a lot from these guys.

Marc Andreessen – co-inventor of the web browser – interviews Peter Thiel – founder of PayPal and friend of lots of …

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Martin Atkins: Live at the System Seminar


You think you have marketing problems?

Try making two guitar players, a bass player and a drummer famous in a world where there are at least a million other people doing the same thing.

Yet, some people do it and …

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Rick Bayless: A righteous, fun and profitable info marketing business


One of the secrets of making progress in business and life is to look for good examples wherever you find them and learn from them.

Not everything worthwhile and useful comes from books, manuals, seminars, podcasts and articles.

Sometimes you …

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Focus – and strike it rich


Amazing video from the System Club archive.

What can you learn from this?

Lesson #1: Invest in Facebook when it’s just some kids coding in a rented house in Palo Alto.

But it you can’t do that, then what? …

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What Jack Ma of Alibaba said 15 years ago

“Today, we are all here to discuss what we should do in the next 5 to 10 years.

So, what will Alibaba become in the future?

Since we were working on China Pages, I’ve always said our competitors are not …

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