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I’ve been speaking and writing about and doing business online since 1993.

Here’s where I talk about everything else with some business advice thrown in from time to time for good measure.

If you want to know how useful this …

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The real Secret: How successful businesses get that way

A few years ago, there was a wildly successful movie/book/craze called “The Secret.” To me, “The Secret” was massive wishful thinking bottled and sold like snake oil.

This article is not about THAT “Secret.”

It’s about what less than 1 …

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The biggest wave is yet to come: Rearranging your perspective

Evans has stated the case quite forcefully, now I’m going to play Devil’s Adovcate…

Yes, it’s true – and amazing – that consumers in the developed world (and some in the developing world) are actually carrying around the 1980s equivalent …

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When the commercial web was born


I gave this talk twenty years ago today on November 5, 1994.

In case you forgot (or are too young to remember), “normal” people didn’t use the Internet back then.

There was no Facebook, no Google, no eBay, no …

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“We cared more” – The secret of how to make big things happen

This is Mark Zuckerberg from a talk he gave in 2013.

Try to forget that he is 21st richest man in the world and that no one in all of history ever got there faster.

If you do that you …

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If you really know advertising history, you know this ad.

It was run by then up-and-coming ad agency – now a global giant – Young & Rubicam in 1930, 84 years ago.

Young and Rubicam was the ad agency young …

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Billion dollar babies

You may not aspire to build a billion dollar company, but you can learn a lot from these guys.

Marc Andreessen – co-inventor of the web browser – interviews Peter Thiel – founder of PayPal and friend of lots of …

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