Why is Ken McCarthy one of the highest paid marketing consultants in the world?

I stopped offering the live System Seminar in 2011 for two reasons:

1. After 18 years of being on the cutting edge of the Internet revolution (1993 – 2011), it was clear to me that the meaningful innovation curve – the fun part of the industry for me – had clearly slowed.

2. I was tired of training my competition (You’d be surprised how many Internet gurus have made their living repackaging fragments of my training and making them into Big Expensive Things. Can anyone say “The Launch Method”?)

So I switched my energy from being THE Internet marketing world’s Research & Development guy to doing my own projects which is way more fun. (I always liked PLAYING basketball more than watching it and at 62 I still do.)

But I am a teacher and coach at heart so I kept the private System Club going. In the back of my mind, I thought without the reinforcement of the annual System Seminar, it would eventually fizzle away, but members won’t leave! So I’ve kept it going – privately and behind closed doors – and it’s been a lot of fun.

How to work with me

It doesn’t make sense for everyone to pay $2,000 for an hour of my time.

First, I don’t take everybody. It works out to about 1 out of every 10. Yes, I do routinely say “no” to people who want to give me $2,000 for an hour of my time. (Quite frankly, you’ve got to sell me.)

Second, your venture’s size may not merit it. In Tom’s case, he literally got a 100 to 1 (not 100%, 100 to 1) return on his investment. He paid me X and his sales improvement equaled 100X my fee.

That’s the ratio I’m going for. My goal is at $2,0000 an hour to be a VERY cheap date.

But your venture may not have the scale that makes that rate of return possible.

So here’s what I recommend you do:

GOOD:  Get and read my book “The System Club Letters.”

Ben Settle says it’s his favorite business book and recently I saw that Dan Kennedy quoted four paragraphs from it in some high-priced advice to a private client. (He was kind enough to cc me.)

BETTER: Join the System Club

This is the “The System Club Letters” on steroids. Long time System Club members include Gary Bencivenga, Doberman Dan, and Ben Settle. (Disclaimer: I’m a customer of theirs too.)

Every week, I go DEEP into highly profitable corners of the direct response entrepreneurial world that the legions of “me too” gurus usually ignore because they don’t even know they exist.

It would be hard to be part of “The Club” and not have your destiny changed – assuming you have initiative and a drive to succeed. (Two things I cannot give you.)

BEST: Get My Advanced Copywriting and Info Marketing Course

It costs a little bit more than an hour of my time, but you get TWO DAYS of me. System Club members get a big discount on it, but only System Club members know what it is.

Why would you get this course?

Because you’re in a hurry and you understand the value of investing in yourself.

Bottom line:

Progress – rapid, explosive, and unexpectedly huge – is within your reach at every conceivable price point.

– Ken McCarthy

P.S. For over 25 years I’ve been sharing the simple but powerful things that matter in business – and life – with my clients.

If you’d like direction for your business that will work today, tomorrow, and twenty years from now, make sure you have your own copy of The System Club Letters book.

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