System Secrets

The secrets of the legendary System Seminar are now  available in a brand new book

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

I’ve been teaching business owners how to make money online since 1993 and in the process I’ve had the chance to test countless money-making strategies and tactics.

Over the years, my students have applied these techniques to their own businesses and added thousands, tens of thousands and in some cases even hundreds of thousands of dollars to their annual incomes.

Now, for the first time ever, I’m making the core principles I teach in a book called System Secrets – The Book. It’s based on the annual System Seminar, an event Internet marketers spend thousands of dollars and fly to from all over the world to attend each year.

Here are just a few of the proven business building strategies I share in System Secrets – The Book:

  • The first law of internet marketing — this simple equation shows the only two things that really determine how much profit you make online. (Pages 47-56)
  • Seven key decision points for starting a business — the things you MUST do to make money online, or anywhere else. (Page 103)
  • The real market responsible for 95% of what people buy and sell online — most ‘gurus’ won’t tell you about this even if you beg! (Page 24)
  • The ‘secret sauce’ that will put money in your bank account if you’re smart enough to use it… online, offline, wherever. (Page 70)
  • 5 common Internet business mistakes and their simple solutions — if you’re making any one of these mistakes, correcting it will reduce spending and increase profits. (Pages 82-86)
  • How to attract customers without having to create demand. (Pages 87-89)
  • How ‘newness’ motivates customers to buy — and where to go to learn from the pros at using newness as a motivational tool. (Pages 129-140)
  • You may know Google AdWords as a lucrative source of traffic… But do you know the secret side of AdWords? (Pages 57-59)
  • My short list of six books — all written before the Internet — that give you an instant unfair advantage that earns you tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars more per year. (Page 76)

This is just a taste of what you’ll learn in System Secrets -The Book.

You’ll find this book useful even if you don’t have a product to sell yet.

In System Secrets -The Book, I show you how you how to identify promising markets where your chance of success is high and how to tailor make your business to meet market demand for maximum profits in minimum time.

Getting rich: the slow, smart and sure way

Listen… I know that much of what passes for Internet marketing education these days is questionable… and some of it is complete junk.

You may be frustrated with the quality of advice and information you’ve received from other sources.

Believe me, I understand. I have to do the same kind of research you do. In fact, it takes a team of twelve System graduates just to help me sort through all the new courses and gurus who come on line each year.

I’m involved in Internet marketing for the long haul. This is my 14th year teaching others how to make money online. I’ve got no patience for the “razzle dazzle” get rich quick mentality. I’m looking for substance and reality and I assume you are too.

System Secrets – The Book is a solid, down-to-earth guide to what actually works in the real world. Everything in it is tested and proven, not only by me, but in many cases by hundreds of business owners who’ve gone through our training programs over the years.

Bottom line: I don’t believe you’ll find a clearer guide to the fundamental principles of successful Internet marketing anywhere .

Why am I making this priceless information available for such a low price? Simple. I’ve discovered that sharing by best stuff up front first is the best way to attract serious minded students, the kind who are most likely to succeed.

The System Works

Thousands of students have passed through our training programs over the years. Here are three of the student success stories I’m proudest of:

1. One guy was working 7 days a week — 80 hour weeks — just to keep his Internet business afloat… Until he learned the System fundamentals… Then he cut his hours back to a normal 40 and increased his income.

2. An online retailer struggled to net $2,000 in a month with the help of his staff… Then he learned the System fundamentals… And increased his monthly profits to $30,000, cut down to working part time, and made running his business so easy he didn’t need any employees.

3. You have to respect this guy’s creativity… One internet ‘newbie’ learned the System fundamentals then turned around and taught them to local businesses as a consultant… And was able to quit his job as a graphic designer and now nets over one million dollars a year.

I can’t predict the future, so I don’t know exactly what you’ll do with the insights and information you’ll find in System Secrets – The Book.

But I do believe it’ll be well worth your while to try out System Secrets – The Book.

To your success,
Ken McCarthy
Founder, The System

P.S. Like everything you buy from me, your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. If for any reason, you don’t think the book is a value, just return it for a full, prompt and cheerful refund.

P.P.S. Here are comments and success stories from people who have read Systems Secrets and applied what they learned to grow their business:

“I have to tell you, as one copywriter to another, that the copy you’ve been turning out for the System Secrets is some of the best I’ve ever seen.”
– Gary Bencivenga (Universally acknowledged as the world’s greatest living direct response copywriter.)

“The quality of your writing and thinking has been an inspiration to me. I probably wouldn’t pay $2,000 for System Secrets, but I may become $2,000 richer as a result of studying this book.”
– Howie Jacobson

“System Secrets has been very helpful to me. The chapter on Decision Points (Page 99) was excellent and I believe someone could make a good living just using those fundamentals.”
– Rob Wilson

“I just finished System Secrets. I grew up in business as a direct marketer. I’ve held big-deal corporate jobs, and I’ve been a solo consultant on and off for the past six years. Your System is what I need now to get serious about my work.”
– Susan Marshall

“Thank you for being the kind of marketer and teacher you are. It is not only refreshing but essential to finally get someone who speaks the truth about what it takes to succeed in Internet marketing.”
– Abhik Sarkar

“Thank you for System Secrets. The book is inspirational — waffle free and jam packed with brilliant ideas.”
– Duncan MacIntyre

“System Secrets is awesome! You just saved me a ton of heartbreak. I thought I had a great idea for a product, but then I used the suggestions in your book for finding markets. What an eye opener!”
– Bruce Pea

“Thank you for the System Secrets. It has some of the best information I have ever read. You tell us how to build a solid business which we can be proud of versus a fly by night operation. A thousand thanks. My hat’s off to you.”
– Jesse Villagomez