You should know what happened in Canada

An informative and heart warming film about how the beautiful and courageous people of Canada showed the world how to stand up to government insanity, corruption and tyranny.

If you’ve depended on the news media and/or have not had …

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The truth about the American Convoy

We found a video that sums up the character of the people managing and supporting the main American convoy.

Predictably the mainstream news media will ignore, ridicule and attack these people.

This video sums up the truth.

You can …

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Thank to the Canadians for shaking things loose (Lorne Michaels is a Canadian)

Google/YouTube doesn’t want you to see this but somehow it made it onto network TV.

The 100-foot steel wall of lies and censorship is starting to shake.

First, the Robert F. Kennedy Jr. book exposing Fauci’s frauds, which recently …

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