The Truth about Robert Kennedy Jr.

Update 12-15-23: I have been a big supporter of Robert Kennedy Jr’s work on rooting out corruption in pharma and public health. That said, his incomprehensibly ignorant and bigoted statements on the situation in Gaza is one of the most appalling and disappointing things I’ve seen in a very long time.

He has brought such disgrace on himself, the decent people of this country, and his family’s legacy and I can’t imagine how he will ever redeem himself.


As we know, Kennedy has been on the cutting edge of fighting the Covid Con.

He’s probably more responsible than any other person for unseating Fauci from his “infallible” reign of error and terror (with some help from Brasscheck research).

Prior to that, he took a principled and informed stand against fraud and corruption in the pharmaceutical industry and the government agencies it has captured.

In retaliation for these actions, he has been on the receiving end of one of the most aggressive smear campaigns in modern history.

What was Kennedy doing before he took these risky and personally expensive stands?

It’s a fascinating story.

The Real RFK Jr.: Trials of a Truth Warrior

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NOTE: When you get your copy, you’ll see a name you recognize on page 372, the very last page, second-to-last paragraph, of the book.

– Ken

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Posted: June 24, 2023

Update on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
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