The fundamental issue

Professor Jay Bhattacharya of Standford University was specifically targeted by Anthony Fauci and his agents in the news media – for the “crime” of practicing science. 

The fundamental issue, and it’s been the issue since Day One, is that there is science and there is obviously hyped bullshit.

The COVID hysteria smelled like hyped bullshit from Day One and in fact it’s been demonstrated over and over again now that there was no science. There were press releases.

Doctors and scientists like Bhattacharya who knew what they were talking about were relentlessly hounded and censored by the so-called news media. Some even lost their jobs.

Meanwhile, hacks and bald-faced liars – a surprising number of whom worked for institutions that had received massive payments from  Bill Gates  – University of Washington  (over $300 million) and Imperial College in London ($79 million in March 2020 alone) – were elevated to media stardom.

Literally NOTHING that was reported as “fact” turned out to be true. 

  • The transmissibility of the illness. Wildly exaggerated.
  • The number of projected deaths. Wildly exaggerated. And we still don’t know who actually died of COVID vs. who died with it as one of one or more serious co-morbidities. We do know that the frail elderly and people with serious illnesses were at risk as they are for all illnesses.
  • The “fact” that people without symptoms could spread the disease. False.
  • The danger of surfaces. False.
  • The efficacy of masks. False.
  • The public health value of closing schools, churches, small businesses, recreational facilities, cultural events etc. Zero.
  • The claim that children were both at risk and likely to be vectors of the disease. False.
  • The safety and effectiveness of the so-called vaccines. They’ve proven to be neither.

What did we get? 

  • Thousands of small business damaged or destroyed
  • People already at risk pushed over the edge in never-before-seen numbers (suicides, drug overdoses, deaths by alcohol)
  • Disabled people who require ongoing care told their care would be interrupted “until the emergency is over.”
  • Educations and important childhood developmental phases interrupted
  • The best of our nurses, teachers, firemen, servicemen, and others who were caught in the coercive vaccine dragnet fired from their jobs for refusing to be bullied into receiving a medical procedure they did not need or want, and has now been proven to be pointless

What we need now: Focus 

  • The legal case Bhattacharya has filed against the Federal government for coordinating with anti-social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google in shutting down real science and scientists is of the utmost importance – as is the First Amendment of the United States. The U.S. is one of the very few countries on earth (and in history) that prohibits the government from interfering with free speech.  Related to this, the vermin who run Big Tech and actively and aggressively worked with the federal government to violate this important Constitutional protection need to be exposed for what they are.
  • People should familiarize themselves with The Nuremberg Code which was published at the conclusion of the Nazi doctors’ trials after WW II.  The Nuremberg Code expressly prohibits the use of force, deceit, and coercion to get people to submit to medical treatments. Clearly, the government and its media stooges violated these moral principles as well.

What we were put through the last two and half years was as serious and destructive as any war and the people responsible for it are the equivalent of war criminals and need to be treated accordingly. Otherwise, we are going to face acts of aggression like this over and over again and probably with escalating intensity.

Learn about the Nuremberg Code

– Ken

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Posted: October 04, 2022

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