Straight talk from a doctor and a hedge fund manager

Facts the news media and Big Tech have been trying to keep from you

Speaker: Dr. Rick Kelly – Crossroads Health

Every now and then the censors at YouTube fall asleep and let some truth, fact, and actual science through.

We grabbed this one for you before they woke up and removed it.

This might be helpful with friends and family who wonder how much longer they and their children should stay on the endless (“just one more booster”) merry-go-round.

The dollars and cents of this disaster

I added a second reference for people who are interested in the dollars and cents of the issue.

Ed Dowd ran a 14 billion dollar growth equity fund for Black Rock. Now he’s in the early stages of creating a fund to address the long-term consequences of the last three years of insanity.

This won’t be the first time that less than three years after I articulated an “outrageous” position multi-billion dollar funds were scrambling to position themselves to get ready for the new reality.

The first time was a happy story: The inevitability of a ubiquitous commercial Internet.

This time the inevitable is not so happy: An unprecedented demographic-shattering public health catastrophe brought about by Pharma, government, the news media, universities, and Big Tech frauds – and everyone who voluntarily supported them by relating and enforcing their dishonest and coercive messages.

A Wall Street veteran looks at the numbers: “How do they think they’re going to get away with this?”

– Ken

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Posted: December 09, 2022

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