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This video is over 14 years old and it wasn’t brand new when I posted it. It’s from a System Seminar.

Today Lloyd’s approach to Internet video advertising is common and widespread. It sure wasn’t when he started. This thing is so old he refers to his “digital video camera” not a smartphone — because there were no smartphones.

If there’s one thing I’m most proud of, besides what I taught in the 90s and early 2000s when no one knew anything about Internet marketing, it’s how many of my students went on to become genuine innovators like Lloyd.

I got some great news recently from Lloyd. His son Lloyd III was recruited to the football program at the University of Maryland.

This is a big deal on many levels:

1. Maryland is a powerhouse, historically one of the top teams in the Atlantic Coast Conference, and players from there have been first-round draft picks 17 times over the years.

2. At long last, college athletes are finally allowed to make money by making appearances, signing autographs, and lending their images to marketing campaigns. (This started in 2021.)

3. Lloyd’s family lives in Maryland!

That looks like a trifecta to me.

But one thing I know for a fact. This success did not just fall out of a tree and land on the Irvin family.

Ever since I’ve met him, Lloyd’s been a model of “get it done – now” and “no excuses.”

I went through the archive to see if I could find an example of this, and I did. And by coincidence, it featured Lloyd III age 2, showing how much he’d already picked up about martial arts which is his father’s specialty.

Note: We don’t offer the System Seminar anymore, but we continue our work for grads and many new folks behind the walls of the System Club.

– Ken

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Posted: September 29, 2023

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