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Sunday evening service

Disclosure: On the rare occasions I go to religious services, I have to confess, I’m there for the music.

I know that Taliban won’t like to hear that. They’ve banned music in the areas of Afghanistan they control.

Hopefully our …

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Leadership in a time of crisis

Recorded on St. Patrick’s Day 2020

Over 1,300 people killed instantly, 100,000 stranded without foood or water for nearly a week. Over 1,000,000 people removed from their homes on short notice. Over $100 billion in property damage.

Welcome to …

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Update on Dan Kennedy

On 8/23/19 I wrote:  “People have recovered and walked out of Hospice care.”

And Dan Kennedy just did.

Here’s his statement:

FROM: Dan Kennedy

Dictated on 10-7-2019

There may be a MIRACLE in the making. Please no premature elation but …

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