When you reach the top, you’ll find Marty Edelston there

He ramped up a ‘crazy’ business idea from his kitchen table to a $100 million a year newsletter business in just ten years…without the benefit of the Internet.

How Marty Edelston built a business to last and made friends and earned the respect and affection of countless customers, vendors, writers, marketers, and entrepreneurs all over the world.

I talk with Brian Kurtz – Marty’s right hand hand for over 30 years – about this remarkable “one in a million” practitioner of the art and science of direct response.

Two versions of this interview:

1. Youtube video
2. Stream or download MP3.

YouTube version of the interview

If you prefer to rip and go and listen to this in your car or on your MP3 player, you can do that here.

– Ken McCarthy

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