Not such a DMB idea

An important acronym that no one is paying attention to (yet):


It stands for Digital Multimedia Broadcasting – DMB.

It’s here, it’s now, and by all accounts, it’s amazing – if you live in South Korea, but European countries are starting to test it too.

Right now, in the US, if you’re technically adept, you can download and watch herky-jerky videos on your video-enabled cellphone.

With DMB, you can watch TV on your cellphone.

The government of South Korea, which is sponsoring the service, expects two million users this year and 15 million (about one third of the population) by 2010.

DMB comes in two flavors: T-DMB and S-DMB.

“T” stands for terrestial. “S “stands for satellite.  T-DMB is broadcast from land-based installations S-DMB comes from satellites.

What will it mean when hundreds of millions of people are carrying around little TVs in their pockets? Beats me, but it makes sense to start thinking about it, because the day is surely coming

– Ken McCarthy

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4 Responses to Not such a DMB idea

  1. Ken McCarthy March 28, 2006 at 4:56 pm #

    I should point out that the technology is not limited to cell phones. DMB can be played on laptops, desktops, you name it.

  2. J March 29, 2006 at 1:08 am #

    That cell phone with TV on the backlid is INSANE!
    Here’s a story I found interesting from 1995. Paper View Technology…,14173,1591602,00.html
    Paper thin TV screens in Newspapers!

  3. J March 29, 2006 at 1:08 am #

    Mistake: The above should read 2005…not 1995.

  4. J March 29, 2006 at 1:18 am #

    One more comment from someones blog re: the paper thing video…
    “The implications of this will be the slow loss of the written word. Imagine picking up a box of serials, with instructions of usage, on the back of the box playing a demonstration movie instead of having out a few paragraphs on the most enticingly mouthwatering way to eat your crunchies. Or, imagine handing out your business card with the rear face playing out a video of yourself making a presentation on your product or service. Now that really would make an impact.
    Someday you may just end up staring at someone while on the rapid transport system and the person being stared at would find it ‘very normal’ because he/she has regular TV broadcasting being played out all over the jacket. rolleyes.gif We’ll just have to wait and watch out for the innovative ways this new material will be used in the future once mass production commences.”
    – October 2005