Hysteria, common sense and biological reality

This is a short public version of much longer presentation I made to System Club members today.

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“The stock market is not going to bounce back and this pandemic is not going away fast.”

– Ken McCarthy

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One Response to Hysteria, common sense and biological reality

  1. Ken McCarthy April 5, 2020 at 1:16 pm #

    A writer asked me about a conspiracy angle:

    “This mess appears to be a crisis unwasted by politicians, big pharma, the news and some market types. Orchestrated?”

    Here’s my answer:

    I think the ‘orchestration’ part is this: When these jackals
    smell raw meat they’re coming for it – whether they actually
    created it or not. These people were jackals before the pandemic and nothing about this pandemic has changed them.

    More on this

    The latest numbers: 80% have ZERO symptoms – Not scary. Proof that normal immunity brushes if off.

    Also, in addition to having a VERY old demographic, Northern Italy ERs get slammed EVERY YEAR with the flu. I get that this is “not the flu” but they’re always playing at the edges of their capacity – and this time their system broke.

    Who dies from this thing?

    Here’s what I’ve sorted out.

    # 1. People on ACE inhibitors – high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, diabetes,etc. And smokers and opioid users . – who are also sicker than average.


    ACE inhibitors increase the enzyme ACE2.

    ACE2 is the literal receptor this virus uses to get into the lungs and set off the s***storm – in already weakened people.

    Also check out the side effects of ACE inhibitors when they “malfunction”

    fever, dry cough, difficulty breathing

    I kid you not. Read the fine print.

    # 2. Hospital workers

    When someone with this is put on a respirator they become a aerosolized CoVid-12 smokestack.

    China learned this the hard way. Italy learned it the hard way. We’re going to learn it the hard way. The people working in ICU with these cases have got to be 1000% clean – and they are not even close.

    The workers get it on them and spread it to their co-workers – and sick patients already in the hospital – and then take it home. THAT is what blows this up.

    Hospitals have been careless for years.

    No hand soap/water washing between patients. Workers going shopping, to restaurants, and on the subway in their scrubs after work!!!! Wearing their work shoes home
    etc. etc. etc.

    Overriding decades of bad habits – especially when there is a lack of gear, training and ongoing supervision – is proving not to be easy.

    This is a clusterf*** of epic proportions.

    The truly scary thing is this basic info is going to be censored and the public won’t get these lessons for two reasons:

    1) Hospital administrators are pros at “cover your ass”

    2) Pharma owns the news media (thanks to the ad dollars it shovels at them) and they’ve spent years making sure that tens of millions of people were put on ACE inhibitors whether it made medical sense or not.

    Unfortunately, like many Pharma products, you can’t just stop ACE inhibitors cold turkey. They’re designed to be a lifetime ride (“money suck”) you can’t easily stop once you’re on. them.