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Published March 26, 2020

This week I opened the weekly System Club “Ask Ken” call to everyone.

Warning: Controversial opinions and practical advice in an era of hysteria and misinformation.

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(1) WHO-China Joint Mission Final Report
(2) CDC Report on transmission dynamics – based on China experience and cruise ship case
(3) Report by Italy’s Minister of Health – Who is actually dying from this virus? (In Italian)
(4) US hospitals only just learning how to treat the virus – in late March 2020

Note: Read the fine print buried in the last article: CoVid-19 is largely a HOSPITAL-spread disease.

From patients to health care workers and then to their families and non-infected patients already in the hospital.

The Chinese figured it out and solved the problem. The Italians didn’t know and learned the hard way.

The US medical system apparently hasn’t bothered to learn and intend to blame the problem on a lack of respirators and YOU for failing to “lockdown” yourself properly.


– Ken McCarthy

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