Leadership in a time of crisis

Recorded on St. Patrick’s Day 2020

Over 1,300 people killed instantly, 100,000 stranded without foood or water for nearly a week. Over 1,000,000 people removed from their homes on short notice. Over $100 billion in property damage.

Welcome to New Orleans 2005.

Long time System Club member and client New Orleanean Sandy Rosenthal and I talk about what is needed in times like these.

The world needs more authentic leaders, especially now and less lemmings.

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Why what the government is doing will likely not work and what the economic consequences will be

Note: The source of the opinion below is Karl Denninger of Market-Ticker.org. He has a better-than-average grasp of financial markets, the fraud that is the US medical system, and epidemiology.

I recommend you invest the time in listening to this and consider what he is saying. This is no time to be force fed our news and thinking by the news media.

– Ken McCarthy

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