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Dealing with the hysterics

I don’t know this guy, but he’s practically channeling my thoughts.

A good summary of the numbers and facts the hysterical dimwits can’t seem to follow.

Very early on in all this, a wise person said to me:

“I’m …

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Profiles in courage – Richard Bartlett, MD

Does the medical industrial complex suppress simple, safe, inexpensive, and effective treatments in favor of expensive, patented, dangerous ones that cause more problems than they solve?

Yes they do.

It’s called the “standard of care” and it’s something I’ve …

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Profiles in Courage – Scott Jensen MD

In my last post (July 6, 2020), I featured the Democratic mayor of Nevada City, California Reinette Senum who put herself, her career, and her standing on the line in her hometown to tell her neighbors and fellow …

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The mask thing is a sinister fraud

There are some – not many – but some people with intelligence, integrity and courage.

One US public official out of millions – Democratic mayor of Nevada City, California Reinette Senum – is willing to fall on her …

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