The CDC’s fatal revised “CoVid fatality” numbers

You asked for the reference to the CDC’s recent – and very quiet – revision of its “CoVid deaths” numbers.

First, three observations

1. You should ask for references about everything – especially when trillions of dollars and billions of lives are on the line.

It’s strange that millions of people who “know the facts” didn’t bother to check the facts – or got their facts from TV! – even when the intimate details of their own lives were at stake.

2. The CDC statement I cited yesterday should have been readily available to every person who has been effected by this thing.

Apparently, based on the volume of mail I’m receiving, a lot of people not only didn’t see this all-important CDC statement reported anywhere in the news, they also can’t find the relevant report on the CDC’s website.

3. Why is the news media not reporting this, the most important statistic in the most important story in the world?

Your guess is as good as mine though I suspect it has something to do with the fact that Pharma ads underwrite every TV news program and have now for many years.


To recap, because apparently the dementia epidemic is much broader than anyone realizes…

We were told SIX MONTHS AGO we had to shut down the world for two weeks, then fours week, then six weeks, then hell, until further notice, because there was a fatal, never-before-seen virus that is transmitted by people without symptoms and that there is no cure or treatment for it.

As I pointed out in yesterday’s post, the Lead Medical Con Artist – and world’s greatest expert on infectious diseases – Tony Fauci walked that back a little. It suddenly dawned on him – months into this – that people who don’t have symptoms do not drive epidemics.

So scratch the “asymptomatic spreader” BS.

If you watch Fauci’s videotaped admission, note how he skillfully shifts the blame to you for being “confused” about that point. Silly you.

OK, now, the fatal number – fatal to the fraud that is.

The exact quote buried deeply in the CDC’s own fine print:

“Table 3 shows the types of health conditions and contributing causes mentioned in conjunction with deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned.”

You can read the whole document here. It takes work to read it which is why the conspirators are confident no one will do so.

What does it mean?

Of course, the number generated by the 6% will change as the total number of CoVid-RELATED cases increases.

If the total number of reported deaths is 150,000, then the total number of deaths where the CDC now admits CoVid was the only factor, the number is 9,000.

If the total number of deaths is 160,000, then the total number of deaths where the CDC now admits CoVid was the only factor, the number is 9,600.

The ever-shifting number is not the point.

The point is that the death numbers the media reports daily “from the CDC” are inflated by a factor of nearly 20 times. Not 20%, twenty times.

Just as Fauci finally admitted that asymptomatic spreaders have never before in the history of medicine been known to be epidemic spreaders of respiratory diseases, the CDC finally admitted what hundreds of thousands (millions?) of people have been saying for months:

“Dying WITH a disease among many others is not the same as dying OF a disease.”

For example, if someone has dementia, diabetes, and heart disease and they catch a cold, no doctor who cares about protecting his license would dare attribute the patient’s death to a cold.

Until the Age of CoVid Fraud.

Under the CoVid Con, all the normal standards of medicine, public health, and common sense have been thrown out the window.

In fact, doctors were ordered to change their standards for death reporting to specifically highlight CoVid regardless of other co-morbidities, no matter how serious.

“Just call it CoVid and call it a day”… and most America doctors and public health officials complied.

The only other time in modern history I know of when there was such an extreme, systematized and officially sanctioned falsification of death records was during the Nazi era when German doctors were told to attribute the murder of inmates at forced labor camps to a variety of made up causes.

You can read all about it in Robert Jay Lipton’s authoritative work on the subject “The Nazi Doctors.” The specific references are here: pgs. 74-75, 100, 149, 187, 216.

So why are Fauci and the CDC going on the record with accurate information all of a sudden?

Here’s my best guess: They’re doing it so that when people eventually wake up – and I hope, for the sake of humanity, it’s sooner rather than later – they can say: “But we told you all this!”

They know exactly what they’re doing

Like the highly experienced bureaucratic weasels they are, they’re setting the stage to shift the the blame for the catastrophe to others, in this case “local officials.”

All over the country, thousands of brain dead “officials” were empowered to do what they do best: 1) get endless free media time, 2) tell other people what to do, and 3) make exceptions for themselves and their friends, including industries well represented by lobbyists.

(See US Governors Andrew Cuomo, Gavin Newsom, Phil Murphy, and Gretchen Whitmer.)

Now, Fauci and Friends think they can use some verbal legerdemain to walk away scot-free from the carnage they created.

Here’s what I’m guessing is their strategy. (Quotes mine)

“WE didn’t tell them to do what they did. We don’t have that kind of power and we’d never do that even if we could. We merely encouraged them to develop strategies to keep their communities safe. You can’t blame us for what THEY did.”

Either this is the best executed act of premeditated evil since Hitler and Friends rolled into Berlin or this is history’s most pathetic demonstration of mental sloth, the elevation of the incompetent, and the nation’s Mayberry Mussolinis losing their collective little minds with power.

Will Fauci and Friends get away with it?

Given the sad state of the news media, elected officials, academia, medicine, and I’m sorry to say the American people (huge organized protests in London and Berlin – nothing in the US), my guess is they’ll not only get away with it, they’ll get medals for their service.

Anyway, on to a cheerier note, here’s some pictures from my recent vacation.

It starts with some CoVid comments and then gets fun.

Ken’s Field Trip to Southern Ohio with pics


This may be hard to accept, but we’re all mortal.

Everything we know and love, including our own lives, has an expiration date.

No politician, newscaster, public health bureaucrat or Pharma-co-opted MD is going to change that no matter how good their bullshit is.

Giving these people even one milligram of power more than they’re legally or morally entitled to is a failing. They’re literally among the least reliable members of society and the next time they open their mouths about anything, we should all remember that.

In the meantime, what matters is to build a good life with the life you’ve got. Everyone able to read this has been given all the things needed to build a good life.

In the long run, the only thing that can interfere with us is foolishly falling for the connivance of evil people or behaving foolishly ourselves, two things under our complete control.

In short, take cheer.

These monsters can piss on everything they want, but they’re mortal too and eventually they’ll run out of piss and the rain will wash it all away like they were never here.

Meanwhile, let’s use the brains and spines God gave us.

– Ken McCarthy

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