Game over


It’s late August.

We’re five plus months into an enforced shutdown of economic, social, religious and even medical activity that has rained suffering (in some cases premature death) down on countless hundreds of millions, even billions, of people.

Suicides are up, bankruptcies are up, business failures are up, unemployment is up, hunger is up – and there’s no end in sight.

And finally, after all this time, the front man, the chief con artist, admits to the public something every reasonably informed person knew in March: Asymptomatic people do not spread disease.

In other words, if you do not have the symptoms of a disease – fever, fatigue, coughing and sneezing – you’re not going to spread a disease.

So why was society shut down?

Why are people being told to wear masks 24/7 and avoid normal contact with each other?

Why are schools, businesses, and churches still shut down?

Why are people with no symptoms being told they need to be tested and why does a positive antibody test in symptomless people (i.e. asymptomatic) trigger hysteria and justification for prolonging the shutdown?

There’s no medical sense here – and there never was.

Top epidemiologists from places like Stanford, Yale, and leading Europe universities were on record when this thing started that a shutdown was misguided and would do significant harm. The news media ignored them.

Statistics clearly show the nature of this pandemic. It is in fact, a bad flu.

Here’s are typical stats from Princeton, a town in one of the “hot spot” states, New Jersey.

28,000 population.  18 CoVid “related” deaths which is different from death from CoVid but we’ll use the number anyway.  This makes a per capita death rate 0.06%. The average age of death is 84.6 – in a state where the life expectancy is 80 years.

How is this by any standard other than fraud-driven hysteria a public health emergency that merits the extreme measures being taken?

How can such a thing be taking place?

Five reasons:

  1. The abysmal level of ignorance among the average person about very basic issues of health and hygiene. It would be hard to imagine a level of ignorance more profound.
  2. The existence of a large network of people – bureaucrats, pharmaceutical industry executives, PR and ad agency executives, so-called “news” agencies, academics, “scientists”, and politicians of all stripes  – who in exchange for a paycheck and career security are willing to sell out humanity on behalf of the interests of the Medical Industrial Complex.
  3. The readiness of the ignorant to trust “experts” unquestioningly regardless of how many times these very same people have been caught lying and misrepresenting medical and public health issues.
  4. Total obliviousness and disregard of the human cost of these frauds
  5. The moral cowardice of people who know better and keeps their heads down for personal comfort

The dishonesty of the news media has been thorough and complete.

The clip above should have been rebroadcast on every news channel all day around the clock, but I doubt more than 1 out of 10,000 people are even aware of its existence.

Meanwhile, every half-baked, illogical, anti-scientific theory of doom is given screaming headline coverage with new ones being cooked up daily.

Here are the facts – the same facts that existed in March:

  1. People without symptoms don’t spread disease
  2. The deaths that are taking place are occurring at about the same rate as a bad flu season
  3. Deaths are overwhelmingly occurring among the frail elderly and people who have co-morbidities (i.e. they are already sick with other serious illnesses.)
  4. The young are not effected
  5. As for every other outbreak like this in history, it has peaked – regardless of precautions taken – and is clearly fading away

The shutdowns, the mandated mask wearing, the testing of healthy people and tracing of their contacts, the hysteria to rush-develop a vaccine has been and continues to be  medical fraud.

In countries with well educated and relatively free people – Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Slovenia – people have rejected mask wearing and yesterday there were mass protests in London and Berlin against them.

I doubt any of this is going to convince any of the True Believers.

Their egos are firmly entrenched in support of this charade and they’re going to continue to smugly sit back and watch other people’s lives ruined in the name of their Cause.

But for those rare individuals who have the humility to admit they maybe got it wrong (it’s never too late), I have two resources.

The first this historic.  We have been deceived on this scale before – by these very same individuals – and people, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, were killed in the process.

The second is a thorough science-based, common sense explanation of all the ways the media, political class, and medical bureaucrats have lied to you in the CoVid case.

Fauci’s First Fraud

The CoVid Con Dismantled

– Ken McCarthy

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