The 9/11 heroes you never heard about

On September 11, 2001, with all the bridges, tunnels, roads and public transportation closed, hundreds of thousands of people found themselves stranded on Manhattan with no way to get off the island and back to their homes.

Who rescued them?

Hundreds of mostly privately owned boats were involved manned by thousands of people.

Many of the boats sailed straight into the smoke not knowing if they were going to be the next target. There were no docks. Everything had to be improvised.

When it was over, it was the biggest and fastest maritime evacuation in human history.

The government’s primary contribution was to get out of the way.

No studies, no training, no “joint government task forces”. Just the productive people of America who actually work for a living talking care of business.

The news media ignored the story then and continues to ignore it today.

You can support the boat that not only ferried hundreds off the island that day but was the sole source of water to the 9/11 disaster scene in Manhattan for four days by clicking here to contribute.

– Ken McCarthy

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Yes, the whole thing was illegal and the bureaucrats involved had no idea what they were doing
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