Survival in spite of the government

Video: Business survival against all odds

You have to laugh every time a politician gets on TV and talks about how much he or she is doing for small business. The reality is there is no more destructive or harassing force small businesspeople face than the government.

Last year, around this time, we posted a video from a restaurateur friend Charlotta Janssen about a neighborhood of restaurants that were in danger of being driven out of business…

Not by the “pandemic”, but by government ineptitude and mindless viciousness. (click here for the original story)

In order to boost real estate values for large-scale developers, the local government banned outdoor dining effectively killing the last hope these small businesses had for survival.

Here’s the good news.

By getting together and with the support of some people on this list – you know who you are – they organized, forced sanity on their local scum politicians, and survived against all odds.

Now, Round Two

Sometimes success – or even survival – in business depends on such things.

– Ken McCarthy

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