Calling all ethical marketers

Recorded August 2021

If you’re interested in this subject, David’s site contains an enormous amount of useful information, all verified with links to authoritative sources.

There are intelligent people with steel in their spines who are willing to do the hard work of educating and organizing people.

Also, I recommend you subscribe to his group’s newsletter even if you don’t live in Minnesota.

It has a lot of useful information and will also demonstrate to you that despite what can only be described as totalitarian-level censorship of the mainstream news media and so-called social media, millions in the US and around the world are not buying this sinister, depraved nonsense.

Click here for Dave’s site:

More info

How Bill Gates bought the news media

Pathologist looks at what the vaccine does to organs

Fauci’s First Fraud – 40+ years of corruption medicine

– Ken

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Posted: August 20, 2021

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