Bait and Switch

MAIN POINT: “The most vulnerable population at the moment, in a paradoxical manner – are the ones who received two vaccines doses, but not the third.” – Naftali Bennett, Israel Prime Minister. August 23, 2021

I recommend that you read this entire page.

At a minimum watch the testimony below by Peter McCullough MD of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons about the deliberate, ongoing suppression of information about the effective treatment of CoVid when it is caught in its early mild stages.

The current “standard of care” is that when people test positive and have symptoms to send them home with no treatment whatsoever and deal with them later in an emergency room if they come down with an advanced case

In other words, business as usual for “modern” medicine.

If this approach sounds ignorant and sinister, you are thinking clearly and perceiving the situation accurately.

When you combine science with politics – you get politics

How it is possible that young otherwise healthy people in Israel are ending up in the ICU AFTER getting their “magic” vaccine?

The political answer is “the variant” and the apparent failure of people to “understand” that the “magic” vaccine wears out after a few months (in contrast with natural immunity which lasts for life.)

It’s called “bait and switch.”

You’re sold one thing and then given another and that’s what “COVID” has been about since Day One.


• “We need to shut down for two weeks to protect the hospitals.”

– Over 18 months later, lockdown-type restrictions are still in play all over the world including many places in the U.S.

• “Just wear the masks for a little while. They’ll stop the spread.”

– Masks were well known not to suppress the spread of disease long before COVID and have proven to be ineffective and unhealthy during COVID but are now a daily reality for millions – 18 months after “a little while.”

• “Get the vaccine. It’s safe and effective and our only way out.”

– Israel is telling the truth. They’re covering it in BS, but telling the truth. The vaccine does not work. Period.

Now the reality which Bill Gates and others spelled out at the beginning of all this and actually spent decades preparing the way for:

You are being set up to be required to get vaccine after vaccine and provide proof of vaccination or you will be locked out of normal society (employment, going to school, eating in restaurants, attending live entertainment, staying in hotels, flying in airplanes etc.)

Facts about COVID

1. The death rate was wildly exaggerated
2. The transmissibility rate was wildly exaggerated
3. The people specifically at risk for a bad outcome was wildly exaggerated
4. It was a treatable disease almost from Day One
5. The fact that is successfully treatable in its early stages was and continues to be savagely repressed

Here is Peter McCullough MD of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons documenting and verifying the last two assertions. (You’d have to be brain dead at this point to not grasp that the first three were proven well over a year ago.)

Are these vaccines even safe?

More information

Information and resource list recommended by McCullough

Informed speculations on the connection between nutrition deficiencies and vulnerability to illness

It’s time to learn what Antibody-Dependent Enhancement is.

Here’s one of the biggest Pharma scam artists of all time Peter Hotez telling the truth for once in March 2020 (note the date) admitting to Congress that making safe coronavirus vaccines is something that had never been accomplished in nearly 50 years of trying.

The autopsies

If you have a loved one who dies immediately after a COVID vaccination, you will be told: “It was their time.” (In contrast, if they’re 90 years old with stage four cancer and dementia you’ll be told: “They died of COVID.”)

Some people are not buying this bullshit. They’re paying for autopsies when “public health officials” decline.

We now know the “99.9% effective” was bullshit (how you could anyone over the mental age of five have not seen through that?) and now it’s shaping up that these vaccines are not safe either.

The same people have done this before

If you haven’t seen this film yet, you really should. COVID is a replay of another sinister scam Fauci and Friends ran 40 years ago. The fact that it was allowed to stand – and is still believed by millions – is the reason we are where we are today.

– Ken

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