Remember science?

U.S. Senator Rand Paul calls out Xavier Bererra, the head of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Bererra is an attorney and politician and has absolutely no background in science or medicine – yet he somehow has achieved dictatorial power over the health decisions of individuals and businesses in the U.S.

Employ over 100 people? You are required to demand they all be vaccinated or receive a $750,000 fine.

Want your children to be educated? You better line them up for a vaccine.

As California’s Attorney General under Gavin Newsom Bererra enabled some of the most unhinged and destructive lockdowns in the U.S.

But that’s not all.

In December 2020, California state district attorneys formally complained that he was doing nothing to help stop unemployment fraud during the COVID-19 pandemic, in what was described as the “biggest taxpayer fraud in California history”. In January 2021, investigators said the total fraud was over $11 billion, with $19 billion in claims still under investigation. Prosecutors said they believe that because of Bererra’s inaction most of this money will never be recovered.

But this is a much bigger issue than one corrupt, arrogant political operative.

Virtually nothing we were told about CoVid-19 – and which tens of millions of people still believe – turns out to be true.

Its transmissibility; its fatality rate; who is and is not at risk from a catastrophic outcome; the existence of safe, inexpensive, and effective therapies – all of the “information” from authorities and the news media has proven to be false.

Yes, people died of respiratory illness. They die of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and old age too by the millions every year. Welcome to Real World 101.

The officially recommended prevention methods have equally proven to be false.

Heavily promoted hand sanitizing gels, many of which contain toxins, are less effective than simple alcohol-based products and plain soap and water by the CDC’s own fine print admission.

Masks, especially “make-believe” cloth masks and flimsy surgical masks intended to protect patients undergoing surgery from contamination from doctors and nurses in the operating room have long been well known to be pointless in preventing the spread of respiratory diseases yet were – and in some places still are forced on people including children – for 8 or more hours per day.

There was science and medicine before 2020 – and it was all thrown out the window to sell the CoVid Panic.

And the purpose of selling CoVid panic?

To sell vaccines. Period.

At least 100,000,000 Americans do not need this product. They had CoVid and have natural immunity exponentially superior to the “95% effective” vaccine that has already broken down so thoroughly it already requires booster shots.

That’s the science.

Remember that? “Follow the science.”

The science only appears to matter when it supports selling vaccines.

So why the manic push to vaccinate everyone, especially when  “cases” (in fact nothing more than positive test results) are declining and we’re at or very close to herd immunity?

Above and beyond the desire of the power-mad to control others down to the last detail of their lives, there’s an economic twist to this story you probably won’t hear anywhere else.

The vaccines have a shelf life of about 9 months.

What happens to a vaccine that does not “go into arms” and expires?

At midnight, Cinderella-like it turns from a coach to a pumpkin, from a profit center to an expense.

It costs real money to safely and legally dispose of expired vaccines. Expired vaccines are, quite rightly, categorized as medical waste and their handling is highly regulated and expensive.

The vaccines started their initial rollout in December 2020 and there have been successive waves of manufacturing since. The makers and distributors are sitting on huge inventories.

Look at the calendar. This latest wave of hysteria is right on schedule, nine months after the vaccines started rolling out of the factories.

The vaccines are expiring. The people who stage-managed this fraud from Day One know it. They need to get them into as many arms as possible or they will have to pay to dispose of them.

Forcing employers to betray their employees…stampeding parents into betraying their children…and if there are any vaccines leftover, they’ll have the taxpayers pay to put them in the arms of random people in poor countries just as they’ve done with previous vaccine marketing campaigns.

Create the demand, sell like mad and don’t stop until every last piece on inventory is profitably off the shelves…

All socially engineered as anyone who knows anything about marketing should be able to see through by now.

– Ken

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Posted: October 03, 2021

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