A ray of CoVid sanity

Two of the best-managed and least corrupt countries in the world that take exponentially better care of their citizens’ health than the U.S – Norway and Singapore – have declared CoVid Hysteria is over within their borders.

They’re done. Finished. Their official policy is “we’re going to live with it like we live with the flu.” Sane public education on the matter will replace the mass media hysteria.

No more ever-changing mandates. No mandatory vaccinations. No vaccine passports. No masking of kids. (The last one is easy. Europe NEVER masked their kids.)

The era of self-inflicted harm caused by legions of ignorant hypochondriacs is over – for them at least.

How long will the spiteful, moronic, politicized “public health policy” of the U.S. and other corrupt, abusive governments like Canada’s and Australia’s continue?

We’ll see.

Meanwhile, it’s amazing that our “news” media has managed to keep these two plain vanilla CoVid news stories off their front pages and from the evening news, isn’t it?

Spread the word. Your family and friends will never see this news on TV.

– Ken

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Posted: October 01, 2021

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