As predicted the whole thing was and is a fraud

The video is just 9 minutes long.

Who is the speaker?

Paul Weston. Ever-reliable Wikipedia calls him a “far right politician based in the UK.”

But it hardly matters what his Wikipedia bio says.

You too can read the simple statistics he’s referring to.

You see, the sinister medical bureaucrats behind all this are covering themselves by publishing all the data.

It’s there for the .01% of the population who will actually take the time to read the stats with a calculator in hand.

They’re letting the news media, politicians and celebrities do the hard work of – and take the ultimate blame – for conning you.

In case, you’re wondering, similar frauds are being carried out in the US, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere.

As you watch this keep in mind: At least 10 trillion dollars of global GDP has been incinerated by this madness and countless hundreds of millions of people – mostly small and micro business owners, their employees, and their children and other dependents – have been financially destroyed.

For the comfortable with little imagination and/or no experience of hardship that means hunger, homelessness, preventable and treatable medical problems going untreated and less obvious things like no winter coats for kids who outgrew last year’s.

How did this happen?

The answer is knowable.

I’m interviewed by Richard Jacobs.

This is Part One. More coming.

– Ken McCarthy

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Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain
Yes, the whole thing was illegal and the bureaucrats involved had no idea what they were doing
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