Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

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It would take a book of many chapters to document the specific mechanics of how the CoVid Con was sold to the public, but it’s knowable.

You need to know a little science and a little history and some technical but not complicated details of a “medical surveillance” and public relations infrastructure that’s been under development at the hands of government bureaucrat careerists working in synch with the pharmaceutical industry since the 1950s.

If you read these books, you’ll have the answer. I’ll even flag some chapters for you.

  • Virus Mania (2007) by Engelbrecht and Kohnlein MD   (Especially Chapter 6)
  • False Alarm (2005) by Marc Siegel MD (Especially Chapter 10)
  • Inventing the AIDS Virus (1998) by Peter Duesberg, PhD. (Especially Chapter 3)
  • Crystallizing Public Opinion (1923) by Edward Bernays

Bonus reading

  • The Nazi Doctors (1986) Robert Jay Lifton MD  (Especially Chapters 4 and 10)
  • The Search for an AIDS Vaccine (1995) by Christine Grady. Christine Grady is Anthony Fauci’s wife and current head of Ethics and Human Experimentation Standards for NIH.

Yes, you read that last bit correctly.

The news media is so braindead, corrupt and/or asleep at the switch they don’t know that Tony Fauci’s wife, through her job at NIH, wife rubber-stamps every drug and vaccine testing standard they violate here, in Africa and around the world.

What’s going on is nothing less than the deliberate degradation of the Nuremberg Code. The Code was established after World War II in response to the demonic level of corruption that took place in medicine and medical science in Germany under the Nazi regime.

In Germany, the criminals were motivated by their allegiance to “Der Fuhrer.” Among the Faucis and their many colleagues the driving force is their decades of allegiance to their corporate patrons, the pharmaceutical industry.

In case it’s not blindingly obvious by now, this entire fraud was and is a scheme to market vaccines and other “therapies” by increasing product demand and making consumption mandatory by the deliberate and calculated misrepresentation of facts to terrorize the public.

Yes, there are people so sinister they’d cut your throat and the throats of your children and grandchildren just to make a buck, no doubt being True Believers in the sanctity of their “mission.” Some of them wear suits and are routinely glorified by the news media.

– Ken McCarthy

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As predicted the whole thing was and is a fraud
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