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Marc Andreessen Twitter madness – and Bitcoin too

One of the liveliest and widest ranging minds in business (or any other field for that matter) is tweeting up a storm right now.

He’s been at it for the last three months. How long it will continue is anyone’s …

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Sales vs customer acquisition: A million dollar distinction

Words are powerful.

Need proof?

Before it became one of the highest rent districts in New York City, Soho, the neighborhood south of Houston Street, was called “Hell’s Hundred Acres.”

John Wayne’s pre-Hollywood name was Marion Morrison and Google’s original …

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Perry Marshall does it again

Believe it or not, just eight short years ago, few veteran Internet marketers believed that Google AdWords was worth their time or attention.

Fast forward to the present: AdWords has revolutionized Internet marketing, formed the basis of thousands of successful …

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How to accidentally lose your AWeber account

I have sent many million e-mails over the last 18 years.

I haven’t kept count, but this month alone with my various Internet properties, it adds up to close to 5 million.

As you can imagine, we’re keen to keep …

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Get it right and strike it rich

Watch this short video first, take careful note of what Zuckerberg says and then read the article.

There is a lot to learn from watching this short video.

First, there’s the all-important lesson that everybody who “gets there” gets there …

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Ten classic direct marketing books

True story…

I was once interviewed my someone (a serious marketer) who before he started the recording asked if it was OK if he mentioned John Caples.

“Of course!” I replied. “Why do you ask?”

His answer was one of …

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Copywriting made simple

Here’s what I mean by copywriting made simple…

A copywriting seminar in just 129 characters (as posted to Twitter):

“Only 3 things matter in copywriting: The reader starts reading, he keeps reading, he takes the action you want him to.

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Jim Rohn quotes

So many Jim Rohn quotes to choose from but here are a few I find myself going back to again and again.

These quotes might be particularly useful to Internet marketers and marketers of all kinds. I’ve added commentary to …

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Twitter without the BS

Why is it so hard to get practical advice on using Internet promotional tools?

Everything in Internet marketing seems to come wrapped in a ton of hype and BS and few appear able or willing to strip things down to …

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A whole copywriting seminar in a single tweet?

I realize that Twitter is a great personal communication tool, but let’s face it: no one ever made money publicly e-mailing back and forth to their friends.

I also know Twitter is good for research and a handy way to …

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