Why shoppers drop the ball

Imagine this scenario: A prospect has come to your site, selected what he wants, taken out his credit card and is ready to pay.

Then he changes his mind.

Wouldn’t it be good to know why?

Here’s why..

Some eye-opening numbers from Allurent, an eCommerce research and consulting company based in Cambridge, Mass…

58% – shipping price sticker shock
24% – too many pages to navigate
18% – the process took took too long
17% – made a mistake in the order and couldn’t fix it
17% – the web site froze
15% – shipping and delivery charges unclear
14% – frustrating/confusing interface
10% – encountered error page
10% – got lost

A sobering statistic:

When prospects have a frsutrating experience with a site, 82% are less likely to return to the site. So not only have you lost the sale, you’ve also probably lost future business from that prospect as well.

Talk about low hanging fruit!

The things shoppers complain about are all straightforward design and hosting issues. Without investing a penny in new traffic, just by improving your order placing process, you can boost your sales.

Not very sexy, but very very smart.

Thanks to Allurent of Cambridge, MA for providing the data.

– Ken McCarthy

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  1. t March 23, 2006 at 1:47 pm #

    These blogs are so good.

    Please don’t stop them.

    Thanks you.

    P.S. “If you have an order page on your site, you are THROWING money away!” – Halbert
    It’s so great how it always goes back to basic direct response/human nature principles.

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