What I’m doing with the federal blood money


After some thought, I decided against setting fire to the federal government’s CoVid blood money check and instead used it to buy an ad in a locally owned magazine that focuses on local issues.

Here’s the ad:

Better times are coming – if we make them

Things you can do to help…

1. For fifty years, Family of Woodstock has been housing, feeding, and serving our brothers and sister in need in Ulster County. The need for their services has exploded exponentially:  Familyofwoodstockinc.org

2. If you’re lucky enough to be on dry land financially, spend locally and lavishly like you’ve never done before

3. The June issue of the Chronogram offered some of the best coverage of “The Pandemic” in any format and from any source. You can subscribe to them for home delivery. A $36-a-year vote of confidence for people who are watching your back.

4. Buy and read the book “Virus Mania” (2007) by Claus Kohnlein MD and Torsten Engelbrecht.  We can no longer afford to leave issues of health up to mass media reporting and other unreliable sources.

To learn how you can support this message and other like it, write me at ken AT kenmccarthy DOTCOM.

– Ken McCarthy

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