Two years late, but better late than never

You can watch the entire video here: Seach for “The Real CoVid Global Summit”

The science is in.

The early fatality rate projections were a fraud.

Mask-wearing as a safety measure was a fraud.

The deliberate blocking of a wide range of early intervention therapies was a fraud – and a homicidal one at that.

The socially catastrophic lockdowns made no difference whatsoever to the public health outcome other than to increase human misery to the point of never-before-seen levels of suicide, death from alcoholism, and drug overdose not to mention the forcing of at least 150 million of the world’s already-struggling into extreme poverty.

The rushed-by-fraud-and-hysteria vaccines, based on speculative, garbage science, are not effective.

The vaccines are proving to be dangerous and are already known to be doing more incontrovertible, measurable harm to certain populations (like boys and young men) than CoVid has.

It still mystifies me how all this was not seen as a highly likely outcome of this non-stop fraud fest.

There was never any science or logic or reason behind any of it, just world-class propaganda, bullshit, corruption, and cowardice.

Extraordinary claims were made not only without extraordinary proof but also, in many cases, with fraudulent evidence.

Thousands of years of basic common sense about health and medical experience were thrown out of the window and replaced with literal insanity (example: quarantining the healthy)

This was, as I said in March of 2020, a vaccine marketing exercise, and shame on any “marketing expert” who took months and even years to see it. (As of this writing, some still haven’t.)

I can see people being fooled in the early days, even the early months, but to actively promote the vaccines as some have? Mind-boggling.

So what’s next?

A sane society would document, track down, and record every criminal and idiot who promoted this thing.

Thanks to the magic of the Internet, every comment made during this fraud was dated and time-stamped.

I note that recently some people are starting to scrub their social media. This includes one very high-profile doctor in NYC who lied shamelessly non-stop about the risk of CoVid to children and now has gone go so far as to delete her entire Twitter channel.

As of this moment, we see that the people most responsible for this – government at all levels, the news media, the criminal negligent medical profession, and its pharma overlords – are doing everything they can to stamp out information, conversation, and truth-telling calling it “disinformation.”

They’re angling to make themselves the ultimate arbiters of what can and cannot be discussed, even when they’ve been caught in so many blatant lies that past two years they’re virtually uncountable.

We’ll see how that works out for them.

The arc of history is long and truth has an inconvenient way of ultimately finding its way to the surface.

Meanwhile, expect the equivalent of a World War III effort on the part of the people responsible for this to suppress information and public conversation about their crimes.

– Ken

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Posted: May 14, 2022

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