They’re finally catching up with what we knew in April 2020 – two years ago if you’re counting

The speaker Vinay Prasad is an MD and an MPH. He’s also a practicing physician in the field of hematology-oncology as well as an Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of California San Francisco.

He has his own lab at the university which studies cancer drug development, the quality of medical evidence, clinical trial design, health care policy, and better medical decision making.

In other words, his opinion is somewhat more informed than that of county public health officials, hospital administrators, governors with political science degrees, and blow-dried talking head idiots on TV – in other words, the people who have been controlling health, economic, and human rights policy for the world the last two years.

Though he’s a Kool-Aid drinker on the subjects of Vaccination Inc. and Cancer Inc., two of the most disreputable industries in medicine if not on earth, he knows bullshit when he sees it and, now that the coast is getting clear, he’s becoming more and more outspoken

Interestingly, YouTube hasn’t removed his videos, demonetized them, or erased his account as they have done to so many doctors and scientists. Maybe the censors at YouTube lack subtlety because in this video he’s essentially calling the CoVid Hysteria and all that along came with it a medical fraud without any scientific justification whatsoever.

…Just like we’ve been saying since the lockdowns started.

The full video is here

– Ken

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Posted: June 16, 2022

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