The masks were a fraud from Day One

I first pointed this out here on July 20, 2020, but some people didn’t get the memo.

I knew this because there’s something called industrial hygiene and people in that field have been studying the mask issue for over 70 years.

Not only don’t masks work for CoVid-sized viral particles particles, they are well known to be dangerous to the health of full developed adults which I guess is why some schools, libraries, local governments, airlines etc. insisted that small children

This information was available to anyone who bothered to look. Anyone who put a child in a mask without their homework is guillty of child abuse. Period. That “the government made me do it” is not an answer.

The doctors who went along with this and told their patients it was real should have their licenses pulled. They’re dangerous idiots.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s Stephen Petty (B.S.Ch.E. M.S.Ch.E. M.B.A.) Unlike the morons who’ve been pushing masks, Petty is a
Certified Industrial Hygienist, and a Certified Safety Professional, and a professional engineer in addition to all his other degrees. A little more informed about the matter than your local public health idiot.

Additional information

Letter from Stephen Petty

Stephen Petty’s YouTube channel

– Ken

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Posted: June 17, 2022

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