Nothing has changed

It’s a bit tiring saying – and documenting – the same things over and over again (since March), but here goes:

1. Fauci & Co have been running near-identical frauds for decades. Unfortunately for us, they hit this one out of the park.

2. The idea of testing healthy, non-symptomatic people for anything is insane. Declaring people who have no symptoms “cases” or “infections” is insane. Quarantining people who’ve been “in contact” with non-symptomatic people – or merely traveled to a “suspect” state – until they get tested with the same unreliable tests is insane.

…But it is incredibly profitable for the testing companies that make $100 per go and the hospitals and medical groups that get emergency CoVid money every time they find a “new case.”

3. Calling elderly people with one or more serious co-morbidities who die in their 70s, 80s or 90s “killed by CoVid” based on a guesswork or technologically garbage testing is criminal.

4. Using this fraud as a justification for shutting down normal economic and social activity upon which the mental and physical health of billions of people depends is a crime against humanity.

At this point, it’s become equivalent to carrying out a holocaust, especially, but not only, in the developing world where unemployment means starvation and starvation guarantees illness and death.

5. Trump is an idiot for having allowed this to happen. His perpetuation of the “State of Emergency” and cheerleading for the rushed vaccine is a disgrace.

On the other side, Biden and Harris are so contemptible, they don’t even merit comment.

People who are emotionally involved with either side have a screw loose.

Here’s some comedy for the elite few who can still think. You have my respect and affection.

Thank you.

There’s an ad at the end of this – he’s more than entitled

Designing social unrest

Here’s the deal…

I’m willing to go to Washington DC and march right now on this premise:

Get them ALL out – Trump, Biden, Pelosi, McConnell – the whole lot of them and if we can find room in jail cells for them, all the better.

We’re being “led” by the absolutely dregs of humanity and that includes the news media that’s profiting from the endless oceans of bullshit they’re spewing on an hourly basis.

There are numerous articles on this blog you can use to educate yourself about all this if you’re so inclined.

– Ken McCarthy

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