My apology to Facebook

There’s a lot of excellent material that clearly documents the fraud of CoVid Hysteria.

A study of the results of nucleic acid testing on 10 million people in Wuhan China shows that asymptomatic transmission does not happen. Not just rare. It does not happen.

The survival rate for the rare people who “get the disease” is astronomically high, except for the already very sick and even their survival rates are well above 90%.

The PCR test known for decades to be entirely unreliable for medical diagnostic purposes – as stated by the Nobel Prize winner who invented it – is used to manufacture “new cases” to drive a climate of fear.

But none of these facts seem to matter to the True Believers or the bought and sold news media – so we have to rely on comedy.

This fellow is hitting it out of the park.

If we survive this fraud – and I’m not sure we will – it will be because of people like him who throw cold water on it daily.

Now to get serious…

At some point you and your family are going to be confronted with the “opportunity” to join one of the most reckless human experimentation trials in human history.

You might like to hear what this veteran vaccine maker has to say about how the “CoVid vaccine” was developed, tested, and vetted.

– Ken

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Posted: December 20, 2020

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