Game time

Years from now your children and grandchildren are going to ask: “What did you do when Fauci & Co. tried to take over the world?”

What are you going to say?

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– Ken

P.S. For people who whine about the comparison of the pharma-funded fascists with the Nazis.

Let’s see.

Suicides, including among children – up dramatically.

Overdoses – up dramatically.

Depression and mental illness – up dramatically.

At least 180 million around the world pushed into extreme poverty.

Countless lives, careers, educations, and businesses interrupted and in some cases ended.

And now they’re coming for the children.

All simultaneous with the enrichment of a single industry and a handful of conspirators who have methodically subverted the news media, medical schools, medical research, and the public health function of government.

What does it take for some people to get a clue?

Our job is not to ask why so many people are so hopelessly dumb. Our job is to drive a stake through this thing – while we still can.

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– Ken

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Posted: November 15, 2021

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