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Doctors censored by Google/YouTube…They’re back.

I originally published this on May 4, 2020.

If you missed it the first time, or didn’t appreciate its significance the first time, it might make sense to take another look at it in the context of the two months that have passed.

The “response” to the pandemic has been politicized, commercialized and propped up with garbage science since Day One. The fact that it is still dragging on with no end in sight  – over four months after what we were told was a two week “pause to flatten the curve” – is predictable based on this fact.

The heroes of this story are the independent doctors, nurses and public representatives who are speaking out.

They are few and far between and they are paying an enormous personal price.

Note: These are doctors in private practice and owners of their own clinics.

Small business people.


The people who are holding things together in the face of an onslaught of self-serving news media and political people, the Dirty Duo of society.

One of the many odd things about all this is that in normal times, the average person holds both TV news readers and politicians in very low regard. They are among the least trusted members of society and rightly so.

Their temporary ascendence is a tribute to the power of pushing the “fear” button, something they’re doing daily with one set of misrepresentations and fabrications after another.

Every day, they float a new story of doom. Some stick. Some go down in flames without impact.

If you actually track them, they’re virtually all based on exaggeration, misrepresentation of data, and blanket censorship of any analysis that doesn’t agree with their narrative – even when that analysis comes from Nobel Prize winners and other eminent scientists.

Commentary from original post

I’ve received concerned emails from physicians that the doctors who talked about Immunology 101 in a press conference on a page I posted Sunday have been “viciously condemned” and “sanctioned” by medical authorities.

First, the “sanction” is one page (two paragraphs) posted anonymously to a medical association website.

Second, it comes from the equivalent of a trade association, not a medical society.

Third, if there were a sanctions “case” against these two doctors, it sure was fast. If it’s tried and settled, what was the charge and where’s the evidence that anything they said was inaccurate?

This is the unsigned claim against them:

“These reckless and untested musings do not speak for medical society and are inconsistent with current science and epidemiology regarding COVID-19.”

“Reckless and untested” reading of publicly available statistics?

“Reckless and untested” recitation of the principles of Immunology 101?

“Inconsistent with current science and epidemiology regarding COVID-19.”

Science? What “science” has been applied to COVID-19 reporting? I’ll grant that there’s been a lot of amateur hysteria.

As for epidemiology, the trade association could not find a single epidemiologist to put his or her name to this thing. Cowardice personified.

But there’s more from these clowns:

“As owners of local urgent care clinics, it appears these two individuals are releasing biased, non-peer reviewed data to advance their personal financial interests without regard for the public’s health.”

It “appears”?

They either did something wrong or they didn’t. Don’t tell me “appears.”

If the “crime” is not defined, then the “conviction” is worse than a bad joke.

Additionally, can somebody show me the unbiased, peer reviewed data that justifies shutting the world economy down and quarantining healthy people over a seasonal respiratory illness that has a death rate in the ball park of annual influenza?

No such peer reviewed data exists.

If this all weren’t so tragic, I’d laugh.

To get email from doctors backing this sad PR bullshit up and advising me to remove my article is pathetic and preposterous.

For anyone who calls himself a doctor not to take the time to advise him or herself about what is going on in regards to this particular claim of “killer pandemic” in a serious way is despicable.

You expect that from the news media. You expect that from politicians. You expect that from the terrorized man in the street.

But from doctors?

Bottom line: Some doctors have brains and spines and aren’t content to play the “go along to get along” game. They’re the only heroes in this story.

As for others, well, don’t ever assume the advice you get from a doctor is anything better than you’d get from a random drunk on a park bench.

Second, third and fourth opinion everything a doctor tells you when the treatment is involves drugs or surgery. Find out what the downside is. Find out what the alternatives are.

You better know what they’re doing because nine times out of ten they don’t. Most of the time. Their mercantile incompetence is just an annoyance. Other times, it could kill or cripple you.

Every year there are 100,000 or more reported deaths from infections caught IN US HOSPITALS. Every year. And that’s just the tip if the iceberg of systemic medical incompetence.

American doctors have a lot to answer for.

Our costs are at least twice as high as anywhere else in the world and we don’t even rate as a developed nation in global health stats 

I think every doctor in this system should take least one day in their careers where they do something other than selling out their patients in the interest of preserving consensus mediocrity and their own skins.

We are making decisions that will destroy millions of people’s economic foundation for many, many years to come. This will come with a heavy price in health, mental and physical suffering.

We’re telling perfectly healthy people to behave as if they are late stage AIDS patients with no immune systems: 1) stay locked away in their homes, 2) avoid interaction with other healthy people, 3) wear surgical masks everywhere they go even when walking down the street alone, and 4) stay out of parks and off the beach.

Worst of all, people are being advised to get their health information about what’s going on from television and from a guy named Tony Fauci who has a long history of exaggerating public health scares for personal aggrandizement. (See AIDS, H1NI, Ebola, Zika.)

More about him later.

– Ken McCarthy

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