eCommerce numbers quiz

How up are you on what’s happened in eCommerce in 2005?

1. Which product category generated the biggest dollar amount of online sales during the 2005 holiday season?

2. What search engine is responsible for more than 1 out 10 visits to online retail and classifieds sites?

3. How much did advertisers spend on search in 2005?


1. The #1 category for online sales during the 2005 holiday season was:

Apparel- $5.35 billion – beating out (#2) computer hardware/peripherals and (#3) consumer electronics.

Source: Nielsen/Net Ratings

2. Google search results provided 11.1% of all traffic to shopping and classifieds sites in December of 2005.

The retail sites that got the most traffic from Google: (#1) eBay, (#2) Amazon, (#3) Froogle (a Google property), and (#4) BizRate (a comparison shopping site.)

Yahoo sent 4.05%, less than half, and MSN Search provided 0.79%.

Source: Hitwise 

3. How much did advertisers spend on search marketing in 2005?

A lot. $5.75 billion.

95% of search engine marketers report using Google AdWords in contrast with just 60% who say they use Yahoo Search Precision Match (the old Overture system.)

Here’s an odd number. 80% of search engine marketers say they can afford to pay more for the clicks they’re getting from Google and Yahoo.

Source: Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization

Bonus Question:

What is the #1 reason that people shop online?

Convenience? Price? Selection?



51,000 online shoppers were surveyed and the results agree with previous surveys.

34% shop online for the quality of the products available
26% shop online to get the best price
14% shop online to get a better selection

Source: Millard Group

– Ken McCarthy

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