Day 28 – The two greatest living masters are…

You may have noticed that in the last several calls on great copywriters and great books on copywriting, I’ve only talked about dead guys.


If you want to be the best, study the best regardless the era they lived in.

We live in an era of high tech weaponry, but serious war-fighting generals are still studying people like Napoleon, Alexander the Great, and Sun Tzu.

Only idiots limit their education to contemporary guru celebrities.

When you have access to the full scope of history, you can get the best of the best and many of the very best are dead guys.

That said, we do have some true masters of the game with us today who belong on the list of all time greats.

It’s a very short list.

On this call, I focus on two who have written popularly priced books. (In other words you can get trained by them for $29 or less.)

Don’t mistake their price for the value they contain.

One could easily convert these books to seminars, slap a $2,500 price tag on them, and attendees would walk away feeling they’ve gotten a steal.

– Ken McCarthy

P.S. For over 25 years I’ve been sharing the simple but powerful things that matter in business – and life – with my clients.

If you’d like direction for your business that will work today, tomorrow, and twenty years from now, make sure you have your own copy of The System Club Letters book.

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