An honest mistake?

Video originally posted May 10, 2020

Once you realize that the Great Hysteria of 2020 is nothing more than a seasonal respiratory problem that’s been dressed up as a deadly pandemic, the next logical question is:

Was this an honest mistake?

For the vast majority of people, yes, of course.

How many people have been to medical school or taken university level science courses? How many people have and have read over 100 books on biological science, medicine, and the history of medicine?

Not many. So, for a while, it’s easy to fool people.

But as Abraham Lincoln reputedly said once:

You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

I originally posed the video above in the month of MAY.

That’s eight full months ago when the hysteria was relatively new and the confusion and trauma was fresh.

I wanted to take just one of dozens of fraudulent gambits being floated by the CDC, the NIH, the WHO, and their sinister enablers in the news media and put it under a microscope.

I could have easily done this full time, seven days a week, there were so many “CoVid” frauds being perpetrated (and there still are – daily.)

I am re-posting the video again today (November 20, 2020) to make a point:

CoVid Hysteria was carefully and laboriously crafted with the expenditure of a great deal of time, money, thought and effort.

Most of the foot soldiers were simply “useful idiots”, but make no mistake, the themes I analyze in this video were worked out and fed to the idiot news media by professionals.

Nothing you see on the TV news is spontaneous (unless it’s an accident.)

It is all carefully scripted and produced as it needs to be. You can’t very well get on live TV and “wing” it every night for an hour.

The problem – and it is a huge problem for our society – is when TV news producers act in a malevolent way.

Note: Any copywriter worth his or her salt should be able to instantly recognize how carefully these hysteria-pushing pieces were crafted and how fundamentally dishonest they were.

“Reporting” like this has been the norm for CoVid since Day One.

This alone should have been a clue to the alert that something was seriously wrong with the integrity of the narrative.

By the way, it’s 8 months later and none of the story about children being at risk from CoVid turned out to have the slightest bit of truth to it.

– Ken McCarthy

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