A thought experiment

The door bell rings.

You look out and lo and behold, it’s “America’s favorite doctor” Tony Fauci with an assistant holding a clipboard.

Of course, you open the door and let him in.

“Hello Dr. Fauci. What can I do for you?” you ask.

“As you know there is a deadly pandemic sweeping the world,” he starts in his calm, rational, well modulated tones.

“Yes, I know. People with immune suppressive diseases, advanced diabetes, morbid obesity and other medical disorders are at risk – just as they are of every disease including the common cold.”

For a split second, he frowns, but regains his composure quickly.

“Based on genetic testing, we’ve determined that even though you’re pretty healthy, you’ve got a rare genetic predisposition that makes you as vulnerable as a nursing home patient in a wheel chair with dementia and advanced stage four cancer.”

Understandably, the news hit you hard and you feel your knees start to buckle. You take hold of the wall to brace yourself. Then you take a deep breath, clear your mind, and ask a logical question.

“Is there anything I can do to protect myself?”

“I’m glad you asked.  Yes.  To reduce the odds that your life might be shortened, we recommend the following: shut down at least 50% of the world economy and have everyone shelter in place until we know we’re all safe.”

You, of course, want to live, but you want to make sure you heard what Dr. Fauci said correctly.

“Won’t that plunge a billion or more people into poverty worldwide? Won’t that financially destroy hundreds of thousands of small business owners and their families in America alone? Won’t that put a $50 trillion hole in the world economy?”

(You know a little about poverty, having been on the “meal-every-other-day” plan for several months when one of your businesses failed when you were a young man.

You’ve also traveled the world, gone way off the beaten track and seen first hand that the real poverty millions live in is more horrifying than anything that ever makes it to the TV set.)

“You can’t put a value on a single human life,” Dr. Fauci says, so confident, so sure, so calm, so reasonable.

“And what about that ‘indefinite’ part? When does this thing you’re proposing end?” you ask.

“When everyone is 100% completely safe, we’ll let you know. It could be weeks, it could be months, it could be years. We don’t know right now.”

Now, the person with a clipboard has a question for you.

“We can only go ahead with your approval. Please sign here where it’s marked ‘x’ and date it and we’ll start the shutdown right away.”

The ball’s in your court now.

In order to prevent something that may or may not happen to you and squeeze out a few more years, maybe even a few more decades, all you have to do is agree to rain incalculable misery down on hundreds of millions of people for an indefinite period of time…

What do you do?

Of course, we all have a strong self-preservation instinct. It’s one of the most important things we’ve got.

But, before you make up your mind, you sit down and think things through.

You’ve got a big decision to make.

You can be the cause of hundreds of millions of people not getting the medical care they need and dying or becoming disabled prematurely. You can be the cause of hundreds of millions of kids spending their formative years malnourished and as a result suffer permanent brain and health disorders the rest of their lives. You can be the cause of hundreds of millions being denied the chance for a life with a modicum of dignity.

Or, you can take your chances, take self-protective measures, and keep the world economy going and doing its admittedly less-than-perfect-but-not-terribly-bad job of feeding, housing, educating and providing health care for billions of people.

I’m sure there are some monsters out there who think that their convenience and grinding out a few extra years is worth this price, but thankfully, there aren’t many.

But the proposition was never put to you this way, was it?

Instead it was put in terms of “grandma.”

“You don’t want to kill your grandma, do you?”

First, did anyone ask grandma if improving her chances of living a few more years – assuming she is vulnerable to CoVid-2 at all – is worth devastating the lives of hundreds of millions of people?

Most grandmas I’ve known, including my own, may they rest in peace, would answer that question even more emphatically than a healthy young person.

“My grandchildren living in an impoverished world deprived of good work, or education, or access to health care, so I can get a few extra years? HELL NO!”

But no one in the “news” media, asked a grandma that question, did they?

We were just told to “think about grandma” and “how could you do something that might kill her?”

This demonic piece of mental sleight of hand is the justification behind the biggest financial catastrophe of the last 100 years – maybe the last 250 years – maybe ever.

It will result in illness, premature death, and amputated opportunities for millions of people worldwide, with an especially brutal impact on the young.

And none of it is medically or scientifically justified.

Here’s 12 minutes on this from two veteran emergency room physicians who are also clinic owners.

They’re not government paid advisors.

They’re not Pharma-sponsored experts.

They’re not employees of a hospital.

They’re not academics worried about their next round of grant applications to be approved or rejected by Tony Fauci’s CDC.

They’re independent doctors who’re in a position to speak clearly and accurately about the actual numbers and biological science as it is taught in medical schools all over the world.

And they far from alone.

This excerpt was CENSORED by YouTube/Google on April 29, 2020

Hosted elsewhere and REPLACED here the same day

This excerpt was CENSORED by YouTube/Google on April 27, 2020

Hosted elsewhere  and REPLACED here the  same day

Robert F, Kennedy Jr. on the monstrous conflict of interest of Tony Fauci and his colleagues

This isn’t pleasant stuff to contemplate.

It would sure be nice not to have to exert ourselves wrapping our minds around all this stuff, but if we don’t think our collective backs are to the wall and we all need to do some serious thinking, we’re not paying attention.

We – not the news media, not universities, not the government, not even industry experts – figured out how to make the Internet a viable medium that increased opportunities for education and business exponentially for billions over what existed before it.

We’re certainly all capable of blowing through the current news media-generated hysteria and working through the issues ourselves, especially when the takes are as high as they are.

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– Ken McCarthy

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