Your First Amendment rights, your business and your health are under attack

There’s only so much bullshit I can take before I have to say something.

If you are a marketer, you are 100% dependent on the First Amendment.

In case you slept through that class – or if you’re one of the generation that wasn’t even taught it in school – it is the right to publish without government interference.

As we know, our government (both sides of the aisle – they’re all trash) can’t bear this.

They’re always looking for a way to control.

Why are they so obsessed with control?

Very simple: They know that if people ever wake up, they’re going to be in in a world of trouble. Pitchfork trouble.

The multi-trillion dollar Wall Street give-away, the endless wars, the garbage medical system. This can’t continue to go on.

So what’s a government and its Big Business scumbag *** friends to do?

How about creating a nice manufactured medical scare?

How about telling everyone they have to roll up their sleeves and take whatever vaccine Big Pharma is peddling that day?

How about shutting down any discussion of the safety and efficacy of the products of the vaccine industry?

That’s what’s happening folks:

1. Google has manually overridden its algorithm to promote only “happy” PR-friendly search results about the vaccine industry.

2. Facebook has obliterated countless parents with autistic children discussion groups, including one with over 20,000 members

3. And now, Amazon has taken legitimate books and videos on the subject of vaccine injury off their website.

There are no vaccine injuries? Really?

How come just one law firm alone states that it has received over $300 MILLION in settlements for families with vaccine-injured children?

I’m told the total payouts so far have been over $4 BILLION which we know represents just the tip of the iceberg of the number of children injured.

But we’re not allowed to discuss it online – if we’re stupid enough to depend on Google, Facebook or Amazon.

As I’ve been trying to tell my clients for many years now – some listen, some don’t – you’re supposed to use these devils, not be used by them.

Anyway, here’s some useful info if you’ve had the misfortune of getting your news from the sewer known as the mainstream news.

If you think this doesn’t apply to you, wake up Sparky. If you sell anything – including information – that makes a dent in the profits of an industry with multi-billion dollar clout, the template is being set now.

Here’s how it works

1. Create a false emergency
2. Pay off the Congress to hold a “hearing” about it
3. Hire a few corrupt-idiot news outlets to reprint your press releases
4. Get Facebook, Amazon and Google to blow up any threat to your business.

A deep dive into the subject

*** If you think “scumbag” is too strong a term, it’s the exact word used by a good Congressman, Bill Posey (who happens to be a Republican,) to describe one of the “scientists” whose fraudulent research “proved” that all vaccines are safe all the time and no should dare ask questions.

From a 2012 Congressional hearing…a real hearing

Practical advice for parents from an MD

There is no “Anti-Vaxx Movement”

The so called “Anti-Vaxx Movement” is a creation of public relations companies working for Big Pharma which makes billions from unsafe and unneeded vaccines every year.

It’s straw man, a phantom, designed to deflect the vaccine story from a question of facts to an “Us vs Them” narrative with the “Them” being unreasonable, unhinged, anti-science zealots.

There are unreasonable, unhinged, anti-science zealots in the debate: They’re the uninformed doctors and journalists who know nothing of the science involved and are enabling what is turning out to be a public health catastrophe.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has successfully sued vaccine makers for the ghastly injuries their products have created in children. How many times have you seen him invited to be on the news to share the science with the public?

– Ken McCarthy

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