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Tony Fauci responds

Last night I related the report from the World Health Organization that finally admitted that the SCIENCE shows that spread of CoVid by asymptomatic “carriers” is very rare.

To a thinking person, this calls into question why then we …

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Who the hell is Tony Fauci and why did we annihilate the world economy based on his say so?

Things are fast-breaking in the Coronavirus Con.

Unfortunately, the important news is being drowned out by ecstatic announcements about “progress” in the vaccine gold rush.

What are you not being told?

Just this…

The central data source that was …

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Fear not, it’s all BS

Virus Mania
by Torsten Engelbrecht

Other recommended reading

The Paleo Cardiologist
by Jack Wolfson

Formerly Known As Food
by Kristin Lawless

by Alejandro Junger

Is Your Cardiologist Killing You
by Sherry A. Rogers

The Big Fat Surprise

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I never thought I’d be involved in relaying basic public health information, but it pains me to see people terrorized by ever-increasing levels of news media and government bullshit.

Since not one single news outlet seems to be able to …

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The news you’re not getting

Beginning on March 9, I started writing articles about the shutdown.

Some of these articles contain business advice.

Others are commentaries on what I believe will eventually be revealed as the biggest news media-fueled mass delusion in the nation’s history.…

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