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Profiles in Courage – Scott Jensen MD

In my last post (July 6, 2020), I featured the Democratic mayor of Nevada City, California Reinette Senum who put herself, her career, and her standing on the line in her hometown to tell her neighbors and fellow …

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The mask thing is a sinister fraud

There are some – not many – but some people with intelligence, integrity and courage.

One US public official out of millions – Democratic mayor of Nevada City, California Reinette Senum – is willing to fall on her …

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Science Sunday – Demolishing all the CoVid frauds in one place

Watch this first

Five minutes for your friends with short attention spans

Fundamental questions no one is asking

Interview date April 15, 2020 – Medical research, medical practice and other clusterf***s

– Ken McCarthy

P.S. For over …

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Science Saturday

I am not at all interested in party politics. To me, all politicians and many, but not all, government employees are guilty until proven innocent.

That said, here is a Nobel Prize winner explaining that, in this case, Donald …

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Black lives matter to politicians…unless they’re small business owners

How many thousands of small businesses are literally being choked to death, not by a virus, or by a thug wearing a police uniform, but by despotic politicians who are using CoVid to throw their weight around?

The …

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