When the commercial web was born

I gave this talk twenty years ago today on November 5, 1994.

In case you forgot (or are too young to remember), “normal” people didn’t use the Internet back then.

There was no Facebook, no Google, no eBay, no Amazon – and no way to even make secure purchases with your credit card. The term “dotcom” as a business type hadn’t been coined yet.

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then, but I’m not going to be falsely modest:

This was probably the best talk given about the nature and potential of the commercial Internet given in the entire 1990s, all the more remarkable since it was delivered so early in the game.

(While I’m casting modesty aside, I’ll also stack my leadership on practical Internet marketing issues in the 2000s up against anyone’s.)

What am I doing now?

Pretty much anything I want to and the list of things I’m happily involved in is long and diverse.

Do I still teach?

Well, I gave my first public talk about marketing in three and a half years a few weeks ago at Brian Kurtz’s Titans of Direct Response. Fellow speakers included Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Gary Bencivenga, Greg Renker, and Joe Sugarman.

Even though I’ve stopped producing the annual System Seminar and only speak very rarely, I’ve never stopped teaching. As anyone who likes to teach knows, teaching is some of the biggest fun to be had on this earth.

Readers of this blog get the tip of the iceberg. Members of my System Club get the rest and the best – and yes, you are welcome to join.

Here’s to the next 25 years…the best is yet to come!

– Ken McCarthy

P.S. For over 25 years I’ve been sharing the simple but powerful things that matter in business with my clients.

If you’d like direction for your business that will work today, tomorrow and twenty years from now, visit us at the System Club.

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