Update on Dan Kennedy

On 8/23/19 I wrote:  “People have recovered and walked out of Hospice care.”

And Dan Kennedy just did.

Here’s his statement:

FROM: Dan Kennedy

Dictated on 10-7-2019

There may be a MIRACLE in the making. Please no premature elation but here are the facts: tests have shown the key markers of several of the worst of my convergent medical problems have normalized and additional tests have suggested a path forward and could restore my life to a functional level. Consequently I have been removed from hospice and have begun a new treatment regimen along with a rehab regimen the outcomes of both far from guaranteed. There will be more information within the next two to three weeks and I will have a lot more to say about all of this then.

Updates like this that are directly from me and can be accessed by everybody at nobsinnercircle.com or for those of you connected with Lillo-Kennedy from Pete Lillo. These are the only official sources.

So it is possible you have not seen the last of me yet. As always your prayers and good wishes are felt and appreciated. I’ll release more news when it exists.


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