Three voices

At this late date, the only way anyone can possibly continue to support what is going on right now is if they are ignorant about fundamentals of law, medicine, and/or history.

Nothing that is being done related to CoVid conforms to any previously acceptable medical practice. It’s all in blatant violation of the most basic civil rights law as well.

But somehow it’s all OK “because there’s a virus.”

This is dangerous idiocy of the highest order.

Three speakers: an active emergency room physician who happens to be a lawyer too, a doctor who runs a large clinic in Ohio, and a sensible person who has a grasp of the flow of history.

Simone Gold MD,  JD

Letter sent to the White House in MAY and signed by over 600 physicians warning of severe medical consequences of the shutdown

Pam Popper PhD, ND

Polly St. George

– Ken McCarthy

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