Sunday evening service

Disclosure: On the rare occasions I go to religious services, I have to confess, I’m there for the music.

I know that Taliban won’t like to hear that. They’ve banned music in the areas of Afghanistan they control.

Hopefully our Governors won’t find a way to add sacred music to their list of forbidden activities.

The truth is music gets me closer to a sanctified state of mind than any bloviation has ever done. (Sorry preachers.)

Last Sunday was Easter.

I remember the Easters of my youth…

Honestly all I remember clearly is they involved my mother fussing over dressing us up and lots of chocolate. (You have to take the good with the bad.)

Anyway, in the course of a music project I’m working on, I came across this and it hit me in the gut how many people missed their Easter services last Sunday.

You might like this.

Do I hear an Amen?


The musician is Sherma C. Andrews.

She’s what’s known as a “session” musician. She’s not a famous musician, but a lot of famous musicians feel a whole lot better when she’s on the bandstand and in the studio playing and singing with them.

Like a lot of our great American musicians, she learned her music in the Church. Our secret musical weapon.

If you’re curious about my project with jazz musicians, you can click on the link below.

It looks like hell, but it gets the job done (the story of my Internet life – LOL)

Click here for the Jazz on the Tube Live-Streaming site.

– Ken

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