Science Saturday

I am not at all interested in party politics. To me, all politicians and many, but not all, government employees are guilty until proven innocent.

That said, here is a Nobel Prize winner explaining that, in this case, Donald Trump and Mike Pence were actually scientifically correct about something.

Kary Mullis, the biochemist who developed the technology that Fauci and Friends use to “prove” impending doom, has this to say about the wonders of testing asymptomatic people.

The scam of testing explained and looking at fundamental assumptions and errors

Bad models, dangerous face masks, crap news, crazy pols – Karl Denninger from the “Stocks and Jocks” Podcast

What this is all about – and the last time they tried this scam just ten short years ago

My response to Bill Gates, Tony Fauci, and the rest of them (which includes practically every “news” media outlet and hack “public health” official in the world.)

– Ken McCarthy

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Science Sunday - Demolishing all the CoVid frauds in one place
Karen keeping America safe
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